About Us

We match your requirement to our quality database .

Our Approach

  • We value our each Client.
  • We value our each Job Seeker.
  • Mostly we value both of their needs.

Our energetic team always use their experienced skills and tactics to support and deliver the best quality candidates to our clients; based on their requirement and expectations.

Occupride provides an open platform for all the Job Seekers; irrespective of their experience level to explore their career with the available jobs. We promise to help a needy to win his/her CAREER.

Our Approach

Our Story

Our Story

We receive calls and messages from different Job Seekers and clients across India, We work on different requirements, We connect to the opportunity; But still we feel-All of them are not covered-They are still searching.

With this Vision we started Occupride to connect job seekers with the various opportunities across India and make both the side WIN.

Meet The Team


Neelima Sahu

Founder & Director

Human Resource


Manish Kumar

Founder & Director

Sales & Marketing


Rounak Khandelia

Chief Advisor