IT Staffing

1) IT Staffing Models

Committed to achieve maximum customer satisfaction, we offer customized IT Staffing models with the objective of meeting specific requirements of our clients in the most efficient manner.

2 )Flat Price Project

In this this model, flat price quotes are provided to the client for flat scope of work and flat deadline. The model is based on our extensive experience and standard work metrics, which ensure on-time, in-budget delivery of any solution required. In this case a percentage differential will not exist and changes to the price would only happen if the customer changes the specification.

3) Flexible Time and Delivery

This model is well-suited for those companies that do not have well-defined requirements, need research work, or want ongoing software enhancements. The client and Occupride agree on an estimation for the specified task, and the Project Manager assigns the task to the developer and assures that it is completed as close to the estimate as possible without degrading the quality of the final solution.